It has always been crescent moons and stars for us when it came to decorating for Ramadan. So this year, I wanted something different and not another garland. So I took it upon myself to create something totally unique. I wanted a rustic look with a dash of colour and shimmer to it. Hence those Ramadan lantern ornaments. You’ll find right under this paragraph what you need to make them, but I invite to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how they were utilized. Here’s what you’ll need: Cookie Cutters (we’re using those gorgeous lantern cookie cutters by Do Eid YourselfRead More →

We’ve seen this activity before all over Pinterest, but have you thought of putting them to use this Ramadan/Eid. ATTENTION LITTLE ONES, this is for you! You and your children can recreate your own crayons and make them match your Ramadan or Eid theme for this year! Here’s what you’ll need: A bunch of Crayons (we always recommend Crayola) A star shaped oven safe silicone mould (any mould shape will do. You can try letter moulds and spell out Ramadan or Eid) An oven and a baking sheet A knife (Optional: you can just go ahead and break the crayons with your hands) Preheat yourRead More →

We have a simple yet fun idea in store for you and we’re so excited about it! First things first..get the following materials ready and follow through. What you’ll need:  A jar lid (any size will do) A piece of transparency sheet cut to the size of your jar lid A glue gun A round sequin (or a crescent shaped sequin if you have any) A bunch of different star sequins (we’re using different sizes and colours) If you have a crescent shaped sequin at hand, then you won’t need to do this step. If you don’t, this won’t take a minute. Cut the roundRead More →

Here’s a little twist to Ramadan Sadaqa banks/jars. This year we wanted to create a visual aid for children to help them get excited about saving up Sadaqas to be given away. So, this year it’s a Ramadan Sadaqa Frame Bank and it’s a piece of cake to make. What you need: A frame with enough space between its glass and back (we’re using IKEA’s RIBBA Black frame 23×23 cm) A drill A pencil A piece of cardstock cut to fit the frame you are using A small piece of sand paper A marker Now, find the the center of your frame and make aRead More →