Ramadan Sadaqa Frame Bank

Here's a little twist to Ramadan Sadaqa banks/jars. This year we wanted to create a visual aid for children to help them get excited about saving up Sadaqas to be given away. So, this year it's a Ramadan Sadaqa Frame Bank and it's a piece of cake to make.

What you need:

  • A frame with enough space between its glass and back (we're using IKEA's RIBBA Black frame 23x23 cm)
  • A drill
  • A pencil
  • A piece of cardstock cut to fit the frame you are using
  • A small piece of sand paper
  • A marker
IMG_0439 copy 2

Now, find the the center of your frame and make a mark using your pencil. Measure about 2 cm to the left and to the right of this mark. This will be you Sadaqa Bank insert.

IMG_0450 copy 1

You can make your insert wider or narrower, just make sure it's big enough for money to pass through easily. Once you're done, you're now ready to start drilling through your frame. Make sure you take safety precautions when drilling (eye glasses, mask and avoid drilling around children please)

IMG_0457 copy 1

If it's your first time to use a drill, you might want to practice on a spare piece of wood first to get the feel of it before you start drilling in the actual frame. Make sure you're always holding the drill perpendicular to the surface you're drilling in.

IMG_0463 copy 1
IMG_0442 copy 1

Use your sand paper to carefully smooth out the opening of your Sadaqa Frame insert.

IMG_0467 copy 1

You are now all set and ready to start working on your design for the frame. You can keep it empty or write the word Sadaqa in an artistic way. But we chose to create a visual measuring meter as an incentive or encouragement for little ones. If you do decide to create your own Ramadan Sadaqa Frame Bank show us how yours turns out!

IMG_0474 copy 1

Happy Sadaqa Saving!

Ramadan Sadaqa Frame Bank


  1. I love this! So creative!
    As a kid I was always curious to see what’s inside my money bank and has to peek through the tiny slit 😀

    1. Author

      Hahaha… Well, you won’t need to do this anymore 🙂

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