Ramadan Lantern Ornaments

It has always been crescent moons and stars for us when it came to decorating for Ramadan. So this year, I wanted something different and not another garland. So I took it upon myself to create something totally unique. I wanted a rustic look with a dash of colour and shimmer to it. Hence those Ramadan lantern ornaments. You'll find right under this paragraph what you need to make them, but I invite to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how they were utilized.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Cookie Cutters (we're using those gorgeous lantern cookie cutters by Do Eid Yourself
  • Craft wire
  • Pliers
  • A nice mix of beads (make sure they go through the craft wire you're using)
  • Tassels (optional)
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Use the cookie cutters to shape up the craft wire to the outline of your cutters. This step might be a little tricky but it's important. Use your fingers to get those bends and curves right in order to have a symmetrical outline at the end.

Once you have your craft wire shaped, start inserting the beads carefully. You might find it easier to insert from both sides of the wire.

Photo 12-24-14, 4 35 56 AM
Photo 12-24-14, 4 39 12 AM

Make sure you have an equal balance of beads on both sides of your shape before you close it off.

To close it off, hold your shape firmly still and then start twisting the two ends of the wire around themselves a couple of times. Make a loop so you're able to hang your ornament (see below). Using your pliers, twist the wire around itself a couple of times and cut off the excess wire.

Photo 12-24-14, 4 59 45 AM
Photo 12-24-14, 5 01 25 AM
Photo 12-24-14, 5 02 17 AM

And that's it! You have now created your Ramadan lantern ornaments! You can add a tassel to them or leave as is. You can even try creating crescent moons and star ornaments the same way.

Photo 12-24-14, 4 41 46 AM copy 1
Photo 1-5-15, 3 21 12 AM

These are so versatile you can use them in many different ways, as gift tags, as ornaments hanging from a twig or as random decorative pieces around the house.

Photo 1-5-15, 3 27 20 AM copy 1

This is how I styled them up! Went on a hunt for a fallen twig and attached each lantern ornament to a jute thread and tied it to the twig. I had this gold star garland so i added it to give a little shimmer to the setting. This is our Ramadan theme for this year!

Ramadan Kareem Everyone!

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Photo 1-5-15, 4 38 55 AM
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