Ramadan Family Advent Calendar

So here we are 60 days away from Ramadan. Can you believe it?! It's amazing how time flies so fast. I mean I can't believe we're in March already! But looking at the bright side, I'm so excited Ramadan is around the corner!

We're keeping it simple again with our Ramadan advent calendar this year. You will only need THREE materials (that's right) and they can be found around easily!

Here they are:

  • A pack of tongue depressors/ popsicle sticks. We suggest you buy the wide ones to have more room to write, but if you can't find them around, the thin ones will do the job! Don't worry!
  • A permanent marker
  • A small drawstring bag (make sure the tongue depressors can fit in it)

Once you're all set, you only need some ideas to write on there! You can come up with a list on your own or call for a family meeting and brainstorm together some Ramadan daily tasks. You can choose to make a separate Ramadan advent calendar for each family member or just one for the whole family. The below photo are some of the ideas we've come up with, feel free to use them as a guide!


Decorating your advent calendar drawstring bag is straight forward. Any permanent colour marker will do the trick. The design? Well, let your creative side shine there and keep it simple, because we have a lot of other projects coming your way in the next 60 days.


This is it really! Just put all your sticks inside and save it for when Ramadan starts InshaAllah.

IMG_0396 copy 1

This can also be a Ramadan gift you can take with you to Iftar gatherings. A simple gift to the hostess and her/his family! You can make a bunch of them and give them out as favours for a pre-Ramadan Party! Or as Ramadan gifts to your children's class at school. In that case, you'll need to customize the daily tasks to suit all different backgrounds. More humanitarian acts or 30 acts of kindness.

IMG_0410 copy 1

We love hearing from you! Drop us a comment below or tag us on instagram to see how you've done yours. Until tomorrow, stay safe and continue crafting for Ramadan!

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