Light Up the Ramadan Lanterns

Get those little fingers working by lighting up those Ramadan Lanterns! This is a simple DIY that doesn't require much skill and the best part of it is that it can be used year after year or passed on. It's also a great cognitive and motor skill exercise for your child that can aid in his/her brain development. Follow through and see for yourself!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Assorted colours of felt sheets
  • Lantern cookie cutters as templates - those beautiful cutters we're using are by Do Eid Yourself
  • Buttons
  • A permanent marker, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread
  • A piece of cotton fabric sewn around the edges or an old tablecloth

Before you start, make sure your tablecloth or fabric (whichever you are using) is ironed properly and you've a flat surface to work on.

Place one of the lantern cookie cutters on the fabric and start tracing around it. I personally  like to use a pencil first,  just to be on the safe side, and then go over what i traced with the permanent marker.

IMG_0499 -1

Continue tracing each lantern cookie cutter until you've filled up the space. Make sure you leave enough gaps between the lanterns. You can also turn this into an advent calendar activity, in that case you'll need to trace 30 lanterns in total. I've also added a little title at the top using the permanent marker.

IMG_0508 -1

Your base is almost ready! Before you start adding your buttons, make sure you go over your entire fabric with a pre-heated iron to set your design. This way it prevents the ink from coming out when washed. You can use a fabric marker instead of a permanent market, but a permanent marker should work just fine!

Once you're done, start adding a button or two to each lantern. Secure the buttons in place using a needle and thread. Please make sure you've secured the buttons properly and that they don't come off easily to prevent swallowing hazards by little ones.

Wohoo! You've just completed your base! Now it's time to cut out their match!

So, in the same way you've used your lantern cookie cutters to trace on to your fabric, you'll now trace them on to felt. Make sure each lantern shape on your base fabric has a match. Once you're sure, cut them out using your scissors and place them over their match on the base. Carefully cut a small slit, where the buttons are placed, enough to pass the button through.

DSC_0076 - 2
Light Up The Ramadan Lanterns

And that's it! Now sit back and enjoy watching your little ones try and match each felt lantern to its base.

IMG_0539 - 1

Happy matching little one!

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