Itikaf Fort Kit

Keeping your children busy during the day in Ramadan requires planning ahead! And honestly, even if they are fasting they somehow still have more energy than we do, mashaAllah! So here's a quick and easy activity for them to keep them busy and entertained for hours while sparking their imagination! So without further ado, introducing to you the "Itikaf fort kit"

What you'll need:

  • Some Fabric (or old bed sheets) - around 6 - 8 meters in total.\
  • Rope.
  • A pack of clothes pegs.
  • A pack of suction cups.
  • Flashlight.
  • A pair of scissors (optional)
  • A drawstring bag for storage.

Basically, all you need to do is to throw all the above into a drawstring back and hand it over to your little ones. Depending on their age group, you might need to do a little explanation or maybe a small demonstration for them.

1- DSC_0033

Besides the imaginative play factor, there are so many ways to enjoy this kit! You can try and build a different fort each day or sleep in the fort you've built each night of the last ten nights (a nice way of explaining the concept of Itikaf for your children). The fort can be your quiet place or the place where you sit and read Quran or make tasbeeh!

This can also be a nice Ramadan gift for children or a great addition to Ramadan Baskets! Whatever you decide, do share it with us.. we always love to see how you implement the ideas we've come up with!

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