Geometric Flakes

Besides the crescent moon and stars that we've been using for years and years, here's a different and fun element to make and add to Ramadan or Eid this year! You know those snowflakes we've all learned how to make in school, well this is just a little twist to them.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A stack of A4 card stock (we're using a gold shiny medium weight card stock) - I would suggest you stick to light or medium weight card stock which is between 118 gsm - 217 gsm, heavier weight might be difficult to cut once you start folding it.
  • A pair of scissors
IMG_9216 copy

Now all you need is a few steps to follow and your creativity to design your own geometric esthetic. READY?! read on!

website step1

Fold the card stock crosswise

website step2

Then fold it again lengthwise

website step3

You'll be left with a quartered A4

website step4

Hold your folded A4 as shown (folded part to the left and edges facing right). Now Take the bottom right corner and fold it until it aligns with the left side)

website step5

Fold one more time in half. Make sure all the edges are on the outside like in the photo above. Once you are done, cut along the dotted lines as illustrated.

website step6

After cutting, you will end up with this! At this point, you just created your geometric shape flake! All it needs now is a bit of a design before we unfold it!

website step7

Here's where your creativity comes in!

Design your geometric flake by making random cuts along both sides. You can make circular cuts, triangular cuts (as shown), random shapes or you can even experiment with a combinations of different cuts.

The options are endless, so let your creativity guide you.

Unfold and Voila! You now have a geometrically designed flake that you can use to decorate for Ramadan or Eid. You can even try making smaller versions of it and tie them to wrapped gifts or gift tags. Whatever you decide to do with them, remember we would always love to see your creations!

Geometric Flakes

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