DIY Ramadan Lights

Ever wanted your Ramadan lights in a certain way but couldn't find exactly what you're looking for? Here's a quick and easy DIY for your Ramadan lights this year! You can custom choose the colours & shapes according to your Ramadan theme. Have a go at it, it's a piece of cake!

Here's what you'll need:

  • LED copper wire string fairy lights
  • A piece of felt (There's no need to buy a whole roll of felt, scraps of felt can do the job)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Some tassels or pompoms
  • A needle and thread
  • White-Tac or a Glue Gun

First decide what shape(s) you'll be cutting out of the piece of felt you are using. I'm going with a basic crescent moon and star pattern. Then, check how many fairy light bulbs you have on your LED string and accordingly cut the felt shapes to match the same number of bulbs.


Done cutting! Now, start attaching your cut out felt shapes to your lights. You can do this using white tacĀ  (if you plan on reusing the fairy lights again in some other setting) or a glue gun (it's much faster but it's permanent).

If you are using the white tac, make sure you use a small piece then place it under the mini light bulb as shown below, allowing extra white tac from the sides (these are your attachment points). Then place the felt shape on top and press down to attach.

If you place the white tac between the felt and the mini bulb, chances are you'll get a very dim ray of light if no light at all through.


After you are done attaching all your felt shapes on to all the mini bulbs of your string light, get ready to add some fun to it! Whether you are using tassels or pompoms, you'll need to pass a needle with a thread through and then attach them to your string light by making a double knot with the thread that you have just passed through. See the photos below.


Continue working your way through until you've attached everything to your string light. This is how mine turned up...

DIY Ramadan Lights

And this is how I used it to decorate my space for Ramadan this year!


Happy decorating everyone!

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