Create a memorable Ramadan for your little ones with this DIY lantern pillow. Have them colour it in and watch the magic of fabric crayons and feel mesmerized by it! Get everyone in your family involved and why not create a lantern pillow for each one?! Here’s what you’ll need: A small piece of fabric (60cmx50cm) A sheet of baking paper and an iron Fabric crayons Pillow filling Fabric scissors, a pencil, permanent marker, fabric paint & a paint brush Sewing pins, a needle & thread, and a small ribbon Sewing machine (optional) Start off by printing a lantern template for your pillow on aRead More →

Don’t you all crave something sweet after a long day of fasting or after taraweeh prayer? Especially if you’re spending Ramadan in a country with a hot climate! Here’s a little quick fix for a nice and cool dessert for Ramadan. Not heavy at all and easy to make in just a couple of minutes. Here’s what you’ll need: Kunafa dough (a famous Middle Eastern dough… Read more here) Frozen Mangos and blueberries (the blueberries are only used as a natural colourant) Melted butter Date bar (date paste works as well) Baking pan Star shaped fondant plunger cutter Start by shredding/cutting the Kunafa dough intoRead More →

Ever wanted your Ramadan lights in a certain way but couldn’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Here’s a quick and easy DIY for your Ramadan lights this year! You can custom choose the colours & shapes according to your Ramadan theme. Have a go at it, it’s a piece of cake! Here’s what you’ll need: LED copper wire string fairy lights A piece of felt (There’s no need to buy a whole roll of felt, scraps of felt can do the job) Fabric scissors Some tassels or pompoms A needle and thread White-Tac or a Glue Gun First decide what shape(s) you’ll be cuttingRead More →

Get those little fingers working by lighting up those Ramadan Lanterns! This is a simple DIY that doesn’t require much skill and the best part of it is that it can be used year after year or passed on. It’s also a great cognitive and motor skill exercise for your child that can aid in his/her brain development. Follow through and see for yourself! Here’s what you’ll need: Assorted colours of felt sheets Lantern cookie cutters as templates – those beautiful cutters we’re using are by Do Eid Yourself Buttons A permanent marker, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread A piece of cottonRead More →

Keeping your children busy during the day in Ramadan requires planning ahead! And honestly, even if they are fasting they somehow still have more energy than we do, mashaAllah! So here’s a quick and easy activity for them to keep them busy and entertained for hours while sparking their imagination! So without further ado, introducing to you the “Itikaf fort kit” What you’ll need: Some Fabric (or old bed sheets) – around 6 – 8 meters in total.\ Rope. A pack of clothes pegs. A pack of suction cups. Flashlight. A pair of scissors (optional) A drawstring bag for storage. Basically, all you need toRead More →

Besides the crescent moon and stars that we’ve been using for years and years, here’s a different and fun element to make and add to Ramadan or Eid this year! You know those snowflakes we’ve all learned how to make in school, well this is just a little twist to them. Here’s what you’ll need: A stack of A4 card stock (we’re using a gold shiny medium weight card stock) – I would suggest you stick to light or medium weight card stock which is between 118 gsm – 217 gsm, heavier weight might be difficult to cut once you start folding it. A pairRead More →

It has always been crescent moons and stars for us when it came to decorating for Ramadan. So this year, I wanted something different and not another garland. So I took it upon myself to create something totally unique. I wanted a rustic look with a dash of colour and shimmer to it. Hence those Ramadan lantern ornaments. You’ll find right under this paragraph what you need to make them, but I invite to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how they were utilized. Here’s what you’ll need: Cookie Cutters (we’re using those gorgeous lantern cookie cutters by Do Eid YourselfRead More →

We’ve seen this activity before all over Pinterest, but have you thought of putting them to use this Ramadan/Eid. ATTENTION LITTLE ONES, this is for you! You and your children can recreate your own crayons and make them match your Ramadan or Eid theme for this year! Here’s what you’ll need: A bunch of Crayons (we always recommend Crayola) A star shaped oven safe silicone mould (any mould shape will do. You can try letter moulds and spell out Ramadan or Eid) An oven and a baking sheet A knife (Optional: you can just go ahead and break the crayons with your hands) Preheat yourRead More →

Baking can be fun for everyone when you have a simple recipe to work from and we’re sure you’ll find this butter biscuit recipe super easy to follow and make with your whole family. These can be a great addition to Ramadan pre parties or as Eid favours. Here’s what you’ll need: 1 1/2 cups flour 1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 1/3 cup sugar 100 grams butter (at room temperature) 1 egg 1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence Baking tools and cookie cutters Preheat your oven at 160 degrees celsius (this may vary from one oven to another). Line a baking sheet with parchment of baking paper.Read More →

We have a simple yet fun idea in store for you and we’re so excited about it! First things first..get the following materials ready and follow through. What you’ll need:  A jar lid (any size will do) A piece of transparency sheet cut to the size of your jar lid A glue gun A round sequin (or a crescent shaped sequin if you have any) A bunch of different star sequins (we’re using different sizes and colours) If you have a crescent shaped sequin at hand, then you won’t need to do this step. If you don’t, this won’t take a minute. Cut the roundRead More →