So Tuesday is here and we can’t wait to get you and ourselves in the mood for crafting. Warming up and stretching your muscles before exercising is crucial. Same goes for crafting! Being in the mood and feeling inspired helps build your way to finding your inner creative self. This week’s project requires the following materials: A picture frame (we’re using IKEA’s FISKBO 10x15cm) Plain cardstock cut to fit your frame size Watercolour Pencils + Brush (FABER CASTELL is the brand we’re using here. you can use any brand you wish or skip the watercolour pencils and use acrylic paint) A pair of scissors JuteRead More →

Thank you for dropping by! I bet you’re wondering what this space is all about, right?! Well, this is where you’ll find a little crafty/DIY project waiting for you to try out every TUESDAY! To make it more fun, I highly recommend getting together with your friends and inspire each other with your creative touches. Posts will start next week, Tuesday 5th February, InshaAllah. In the meantime, start arranging with your friends a crafty Tuesday gather up! Feeling Excited?! Well, That’s the spirit of Tuesday Crafters!Read More →