Our Story

My name is Mona and I was literally pushed and dragged to fulfill a dream! Four years ago in 2015, I was sitting in my craft room with two of my major motivators talking about creating a crafting group amongst our friends.

Living in the Middle East, Fridays and Saturdays are commonly known as the weekend! There was no way for all three of us, or any of our friends in that matter, to meet with all the family commitments we had at hand. So we had to choose another day and commit to it!

Sundays were “cleaning up day” after the weekend.

Mondays were probably a continuation of what happens on Sundays!

Tuesdays were the days we all felt like, “This week doesn’t seem to end! When will it be over?!”

Wednesdays were filled with last minute errands to run before the weekend kicks in.

Thursdays were for this forgotten chore that you ONLY remember at 7:00am in the morning or was asked of you the night before!

And so, it only made sense for us to break the week in half and have something to look forward to, sort of an “Energy Booster Day!” or a “Spirit Uplifter” And this is how Tuesday Crafters came into existence!

Every Tuesday, we used to meet up and work together on a different crafting skill. Knitting/crochet, soap/candle making, paper crafts, wood work, baking/cooking (Oh yes! we do consider them a crafting skill), decoupage, painting and many more! It was such a lovely day for all. A day we all said “Wait a minute, I owe it to myself to take some time off from my weekly routine!”. It was surely a day, many of us acquired a new skill, or picked up on a hobby or simply had fun being around other people!

As years went by, what started as a group of three gradually reached more than 40! What started as an energy booster day has become an inspiring step for many towards discovering their own crafting passion and follow their dreams. But most importantly, it was a support group for all throughout.

Today, distance has separated us and we sadly haven’t been meeting up, but our crafting spirit is still there somewhere among the many whatsApp messages we have between us! Last year, I made an appearance as Tuesday Crafters over social media (mainly on Instagram) and shared 60 ideas for Ramadan and both Eids. The feedback received was overwhelming! I hope Tuesday Crafters can be your source of inspiration as well. For this reason, I’m building this website/blog to continue fulfilling my dream to inspire every home to craft and create where ever I might be!

For my major cheerleaders and motivators, Mariam T & Aliaa, this is for both of you! I hope I’m making you proud!

And for my fellow Tuesday Crafters, may the distance never keep us from crafting!

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together” ~ Marilyn Monroe