A Lantern Pillow

Create a memorable Ramadan for your little ones with this DIY lantern pillow. Have them colour it in and watch the magic of fabric crayons and feel mesmerized by it! Get everyone in your family involved and why not create a lantern pillow for each one?!

Here's what you'll need:

  • A small piece of fabric (60cmx50cm)
  • A sheet of baking paper and an iron
  • Fabric crayons
  • Pillow filling
  • Fabric scissors, a pencil, permanent marker, fabric paint & a paint brush
  • Sewing pins, a needle & thread, and a small ribbon
  • Sewing machine (optional)

Start off by printing a lantern template for your pillow on a full piece of A4 paper, then transfer this image on to your sheet of baking paper by tracing it out. Here's a link to our free lantern template that you can use.

And while your printer is busy printing, cut your fabric in half making sure it fits the size of the lantern you are using!


It's time to have fun! So get those little fingers involved in this activity. Have your little ones colour in the lantern outline that you've just traced. Fabric crayons are softer than regular crayons so they tend to break fairly easily, which can be frustrating to some children, so make sure you reassure your child if they do break.

Once they are done colouring in their lanterns, let the MAGIC begin!

Place one piece of the fabric you are using on to an iron board and put the coloured side of the lantern outline facing down towards the fabric, then carefully go over them with a preheated iron. Make sure you do not move the baking sheet. You don't want to end up with a double image!


The colour depth of the fabric crayons depends on what type of fabric you are using. If you end up with a very light transfer of colour on to your fabric, try directly colouring on your fabric with the crayons. Don't forget to heat set your colours afterwards.

Give your lantern a nice sharp outline using either a permanent fabric maker or using fabric paint and a paint brush. You can do both if you wish (which is what I did below)


Done colouring & outlining! Now we can move on to the sewing up part.

Place the piece of fabric with the coloured lantern upside down on to the second piece of fabric that we haven't used and pin them together using sewing pins. Carefully use your fabric scissors to cut around your lantern leaving about 2cm seam allowance all around.


Once you are ready, start sewing your lantern pillow up. Make sure you leave a small opening at the top to stuff your pillow with the filling. Get your little ones involved again in this part they'll enjoy filling up their lantern pillows and see it puffing up.

When you are done with stuffing sew up the opening adding a ribbon loop as a handle for the lantern pillow as shown below.


That's it! Your lantern pillows are ready for a snuggle!

TIP: You can also accessorize your lantern pillow with some tassels and sequins. You can even make moon and star pillows or other Ramadan accents.

A Lantern Pillow

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